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I qualified as a counsellor from Anglia Ruskin University and am an accredited member of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I have undertaken further courses in Relationship Counseling and Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT). I can help you through bereavement, depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties and eating disorders.

What I can help with
Death is one of the most painful experiences we go through; often people feel alone even when surrounded by family and friends. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by powerful thoughts, feelings and emotions, to the extent that you are not sure who you are anymore or you experience a debilitating loss of control. I would like to reassure anyone going through bereavement that all of this is normal and if you’d like to be held and given the space to grieve, please do get in touch.  
Mental Health
If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, my heart goes out to you as that is a lonely and scary place to be. The right combination of therapies can help you to emerge from persistent feelings of low self-worth, negative thought cycles and a sense of hopelessness and on to a fulfilling and enriching life. Therapies specifically aimed at thought patterns, which influence our feelings and actions, can help you to understand the source of depression, anxiety and stress in your life. We can then determine triggers and learn techniques to change troubling thinking patterns, as well as methods to manage anxiety and feel safe.
Eating Disorders
There are long-standing debates about the label ‘eating disorder,’ which is a broad classification. Generally the term means an excessive focus on body shape and weight and often turning to harmful ways to control weight, habits which can become highly addictive. Stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties and a host of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs also contribute. Assessment and treatment plans in collaboration with a nutritionist, food diaries and emotional resilience training all play a part on the road to recovery.
When relationships are going well, they can be a tremendous source of joy and happiness. However, during times of distress, they can often be the primary cause of sadness, tension, stress and even despair in our lives. In romantic, parental and sibling relationships, we are often unable to see other perspectives and can get caught up in our own struggles and thoughts. Therapy can help identify relationship problems at their source, face them with honesty and ultimately find ways to overcome struggles.
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