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I consider it a deep privilege to be a therapist, and every relationship I build with a client is unique, personal, and intimate. This relationship is at the heart of therapy, and it will develop and grow as we work together.

I grew up in South India, and moved to the UK almost thirty years ago. I have raised three children and I am acutely aware of the struggles that women and immigrants face, especially those from different cultures.

I first experienced counselling when going through a painful divorce, following 20 years of marriage. I felt alone and needed someone to talk to; I needed professional support. My counsellor was honest, kind, and extremely supportive. They helped me understand myself and what I was going through. This was transformative and two years later, I decided to become a counselling therapist. I wanted to be that person who made a difference when it really mattered. I am committed to working with and supporting my clients in the challenges they face; including mental health, relationships, and in overcoming fears, anxieties, stress, and worries.

I love people and am passionate about my work. I have a deep understanding of British and Indian cultures, and they inspire me to enrich both my life and practice. I aim to make a difference in every way possible.

My training and qualifications include:

  • Accredited member of the BACP
  • Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Post Qualification certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, University of Southampton
  • Post Qualification Certificate in Couples Counselling, Relate
  • Practitioner Skills Certificate in Eating Disorders, National Centre for Eating Disorders


My first placement as a counsellor was in bereavement services, in January 2011. Since then I have spent hundreds of hours with clients dealing with bereavement and cancer, as well as other terminal illnesses. 

I simultaneously worked for Mind, a leading mental health charity in Chelmsford and Thurrock where I also was the coordinator for the bereavement service. I came across clients who were suffering from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, as well as significant financial challenges, and as it was a free service there were considerable waiting times. Amidst all this I was amazed at the strength and resilience of every single client I was lucky enough to work with and it was a humbling experience. Similarly at Chelmsford Prison Services I had the opportunity to work with young offenders where I experienced complete honesty from the first session and an acceptance of their situation as a consequence of their choices. This was a truly rewarding experience and I learnt something from every client.

I have extensive experience in counselling clients with depression, stress, anxiety, trauma, and obsessive compulsive disorders. I have also worked with clients who have eating disorders and alcohol addiction, as well as in family therapy and couples counselling settings. I have a background in pharmacy, a sector in which I worked for many years before training to become a counselling therapist, which is helpful when clients want to discuss their medications and treatment plans.

A few years ago, I started a food social enterprise with my daughter and sister to provide employment opportunities to Sri Lankan women who relocated to the UK during the civil war. I enjoy cooking, reading, gardening and staying abreast of the latest developments in psychotherapy through research and courses.

My personal and professional experience has shown me that life can throw some incredibly tough situations at us. The pathway to overcoming these challenges is important in being able to heal and live a fulfilling life. I am proud to say I’ve had my share of life experiences and it has made me who I am.

Today is the day to start creating your future, and building the framework to live the best life you can.

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